The best thing about this week is it is the first of many. We have interviewed a Campus Dean of Strayer University & Minister Dr. Bill Denning, the CEO & Owner of Your Army Logistics, Blaine Lambert, and Active Duty First Sergeant Ozie Maldonado. If you missed these interviews, you can check them out here on the YouTube Channel. These are folks all over the world who are here to help both young individuals and Veterans alike learn the ropes of life and how to best apply life skills and strategies in order to succeed both during Military service and after.

I am very excited to announce, as The Bearded Veteran gains momentum, we have begun to add to the amount of folks willing to contribute to such a wonderful campaign. This weekend on 3 February 2018, I will be interviewing a Veteran stand up comedian and computer guru, Jose Barrientos. You can check out his material here on his YouTube Channel

Matt Johnson & Ryan Smeltz on the grassy knoll in Dallas, TX



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Just recording episode 6… The process!

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I just finished As A Man Thinketh by James Allen. I bought the book because Tony Robbins listed it as one of his favorites. I must say I am extremely impressed by the way such a short, easy to read book can still be so influential and informative. It was originally written in 1902!

I believe the concepts in this book are ones which will take extreme conscious attention and self control. Self control is a big thing he covers in this book and how it is not something which happens overnight.

For anyone doing anything, I highly recommend this book. Are you married and want to know how to be more of a man to your wife? Do you run a business and want to be more productive than the day before? This book explains how our thoughts are DIRECTLY correlated with our success.

Pick it up. Read it. Practice and share.

Here’s a link to the search results. I use Audible, but feel free to get the hard copy!!